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A model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way.

A model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way.

New AI chatbot can solve difficult problems with greater accuracy, thanks to its broader general knowledge and problem solving abilities.

Game Marketing

Game Marketing

An awarded marketing partner for top mobile game and game console publishers .

Augmented Reality Cloud

Augmented Reality Cloud

The primary value of augmented reality is the manner in which components of the digital world blend into a person's perception of the real world.

RESTful APIs from various enterprise

RESTful APIs from various enterprise provide the tools that will create RESTful APIs from various enterprise systems such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, SAP, Salesforce, Sharepoint, LDAP and more.

Cloud Driven


We’ve developed the strategic and implementation capabilities necessary to help financial institutions, technology companies, and startups take advantage of this transformative technology. Our global team of experienced business, technology, and regulatory leaders can help you identify how the cloud can benefit your organization and how to rapidly move these initiatives forward.

​a specialized in Cloud application, Mobile software design, Augmented Reality, Integration and development of third-party payment system, and Information security development.




Provided project management expertise to Cloud and Mobile business and marketing consulting services. Customer reference as Top Technology Companies of the Fortune 500 in Asia, e.g. Haier, Alibaba, China Telecom, China Construction Bank... .

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Areas of Practice

E-commerce Operator Platform

Mobile Game and Game Console Marketing

Education Cloud Platform

Exchange Platform Implement

Augmented Reality Platform Solution

Enterprise Risk Service's Information Security Platform

Meditation & Sleep App
CheckList App
Quiz App
Time Management App
Online Store App
News & Publications
Market Analysis



Decentralized micro exchange, Information sharing is also key to improved productivity, efficient and accurate decision making, and effective collaboration. However, the exchange of data between untrusted networks also brings cybersecurity risks. It must be protected appropriately and shared carefully only with trusted individuals and partners. 


Corporate Directions, Inc. (CDI) is an Asian-based management consulting firm founded in 1986. As a management consulting firm with an Asian origin, CDI offers customized solutions while considering the differences in background and culture to guide our clients to success.




Baking a Pizza Application à la in Five Minutes. Mobile App Platform is a cloud-based service for HTML5 and native mobile apps. plug-in; Database; Server-side script. In order to make it live, you need very little in the way of development skills. In order to make it live, you need very little in the way of development skills. It takes literally five minutes for a citizen developer to assemble the application out of building blocks as described in



The mission of Digital Taipei is "Connecting You To The World". It not only includes a wide range of industry, namely digital games, e-learning, IP licensing, AR/VR innovation, OTT videos, live stream content, and payment service but also involves in talent matching and business pitching.  ZAGAMA new product launch "AR MULU". AR Solutions works with clients to help them evolve effective strategies, from tackling specific business issues to managing growth in new paradigms.



<Super Speed> Cross-platform mobile game development free lecture.

Build global gaming experiences on a reliable, best-in-class cloud Build, scale, and operate your game on the global, secure, and reliable cloud—built by a game developer!



2014 - APP application development and digital media design course. The course will give students hands-on experience in developing interesting Android applications. No previous experience in programming is needed, and the course is suitable for students with any level of computing experience. MIT App Inventor will be used in the course. It is a blocks-based programming tool that allows everyone, even novices, to start programming and build fully functional apps for Android devices. Students are encouraged to use their own Android devices for hands-on testing and exploitation.

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